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Znj. Atifete Jahjaga

Dear Alumni,
It gives me immense pleasure to address you as an Honorary Alumna of Alumni UP Association and join this esteemed network of successful professionals.
I completed my studies at the Faculty of Law at the University of Prishtina in 2000 and since then I continuously worked hard to advance myself professionally. During all this time of my professional advancement, I had only one purpose in mind – to give my contribution for the betterment of my country in whatever position I will be.
The will and desire to contribute towards building a greater and better Kosovo followed me during my four year mandate as the President of the Republic of Kosovo. In 2011, when our country was in a deep political crisis that was causing trouble and total blockade in every area of our life, I was proposed as a consensual President of the Republic of Kosovo. Without any doubt I accepted this responsibility because my service for my country was required. Today, I have to say that the being in the service of the Republic of Kosovo and its citizens as President has been the greatest honor I have had in my life.
As an alumna of the University of Prishtina, I want to share with you the duties that come with academic achievement: the responsibility all graduates have in preserving values and inspiring the future generations.
I believe that all of UP’s alumni can play an immense role in the University. You create the University’s reputation. All that is good and great about the University of Prishtina is represented by you – your accomplishments, your service to community, and your values by which you live. Therefore, public’s opinion and attitude towards the university will largely be based upon the contribution and good deeds of its graduate. So, make sure you use your degree and education received here to the best of your abilities and potential.
Among you, graduates of UP, are entrepreneurs, scientists, educators, artists, and public servants. Differences abound among professions, but we all share core values – a commitment to service, the drive to make a positive difference – that unite us. Spread these values to the young generations of our University so they can be united under these values that build a better future. Each one of us, as UP Alumni, should contribute in facilitating the life-long connections with the University and fellow alumni. Start by supporting current students, by offering networking and professional opportunities to them so they can get a valuable and much needed practical work experience in their field of study; volunteer in organizing different events that benefit UP community; and post importantly give back where and when you can.
Let’s all work together in creating stronger bonds within UP community that enable us to share our work, experience, and resources, for the betterment of our society. Remember that our responsibilities are not to focus only on our own work and success, but also to try make life a little better for others.

Thank you and welcome to the alumni family!

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